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Rider Sponsorship

We do our best to assist racers by offering exclusive access with discounts for those racers selected to represent Joliet Powersports and its brands on race days and any other time at the race track. We are limiting all available applications to 50cc and 65cc motorcross racers. Applicants racing on a Cobra Moto/Yamaha PW50 brand/motorcycles may be selected ahead of racers on other brands. We will consider racers who are just starting out as a beginner racer to an experienced race. 

Our goal is for our sponsored racers to be an ambassador and represent Joliet Powersports and our selected brands in a positive manner regardless of the finish at the race track. 

Our racers should have the passion for racing motocross, the vision to see where they are heading by setting goals (not just on the track, but in the classroom and other areas of life), and persistence to get up after each time they fall down or fail. 

Championships are built at the Crossroads of Mid-America. 

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Limited Racer Sponsorships Available

We would love to sponsor every applicant. Unfortunately, it isn't financially possible to do so. We will review each submitted application and select those racers who we believe will be ambassadors and represent Joliet Powersports and our brands by displaying good sportsmanship, integrity, loyalty and honor. All racers must follow all AMA rules for the classes they race in.   

Thank you for submitting your application. Please follow the instructions and submit your application via email: 

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